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    I want to know why the article is rejected

    I want to know why my article published just few minutes ago is rejected. I just find out two grammar mistakes and while I was correcting it, I got the message that it was rejected. I have two to three artilces pending for approval. Without reviewing them, why editors have reviewed this artilce so fast, I mean within seconds?

    This is the link to that article:
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    You had posted the same copy of articles thrice. One of them is still there and the others have been deleted.

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    I am vey sorry for that. While I was publishing the article, there were some network problems. That may be the reason for the resubmission of the article.

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    Then you should have checked it before complaining. This double post happens most of the times with all of us. But before blaming the editors, why did you not check?
    Live....and Let Live!

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    I have already said sorry Mr. Kamat. I was very much embarrassed when I see my article got rejected within few seconds after posting. I just post this query only because of my anxiety. I regret that decision. But, I haven't compelled anyone to reply my query. As I am a new one to this site, webmaster was kind enough to reply my query. That's all.

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    Nothing wrong in asking your concerns to get clarification. Our Forum is an open place to raise any concerns by our members.

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    I too have faced this problem when I was a newbie. With experience, I have realized that if I see an error message or get logged out of the site or the Net itself, I should log in again and check via the My Resources button whether or not the article was indeed not posted.

    Similarly, with other sections, even the forum, it is a good idea to check via the new submissions button whether or not our post was submitted.


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