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    Two weeks of time and deny the article

    First the one who edited this article asked to change 'wifi' to "WiFi' and send it again. Now they rejected saying poor quality. Kindly go through it and let me know what happend actually.
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    I don't think there is any kind of favouritism here. You have told that you have been a blogger. So that means you must have good writing skills and if you have the skills, your articles will get approved. I have no experience at all of writing articles for any website. Yet, two out of my 3 resources have been approved and one is waiting for review. So don't write articles just for the sake of it or for the sake of gaining points or cash credits. Write only if you have proper knowledge and contribute in a better way. Rewards will come on their own.
    Live....and Let Live!

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    Unfortunately, the article didn't meet our quality expectations. In case if few errors, we would ask the author to correct them. However, if we feel the language is very poor and author may not be able to improve the article, we would rather ask the author to stop posting them.

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    You have had a good progress in the resource section , Suresh Bro. You need to concentrate on all sections of the site. Look at the brighter side of the things. Whenever you select a topic, go for a thorough research on it. Keep it in the draft until it is completely ready. Don't be in a hurry to publish it. Go through your article multiple times with a clear mind. Beware of using technology jargon - and even if you use, make it a point to explain it in clear and lucid language. If you ask me for my experience, I always follow these rules. My articles stay in the draft for more than 15 days or so. I don't publish it unless I feel satisfied as a reader. So once it is published, it has taken me just a week to see it approved.
    Please note that both of us joined on the same day and you look too concentrated on resource section. Though this section pays you more, make it a point to contribute to other sections as well. This, in fact, should improve your vocabulary and writing skills.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    I apologize for the post if it hurt anyone. Dear Kamat, thank you for your valuable advice.

    I was in a particular mood and sorry for being harsh.

    Techulator should have delete the article in the first phase of editing, mentioning its poor quality. Unfortunately I was told about the 'WiFi' case and asked to re post it after making the 'WiFi' change in the entire article. I did it and then it deleted. This created some kind of confusion and now I am cleared ..

    I respect the terms and conditions of Techulator and would like to continue here unless asked to stop posting here. Thank you.

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    It is not merely a question of doing in-depth research and giving more detailed information. One of the primary aspects of quality is English. You need to give grammatically proper English in the text of your article. The very first 2 opening sentences makes for poor English, which automatically puts off a reader.

    I suggest that you try to improve your English by using free online spelling-cum-grammar check tools, such as

    Also, make use of the forum as a platform to improve your English skills. Nobody gets penalized for poor quality English in the forum.


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    Thanks alot Vandana Mam for the grammer tool you have mentioned above. I was looking for an online grammer checker tool since last few days.

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    Muddassir Husain,

    I would like to request you to please correct a mistake in your above response. It is "Vandana Mam" and you wrote it as "Vandana Man". It made me laugh out loud! Please check your posts before submitting it on Techulator as these silly mistakes are strictly prohibited.


    I find that the harder I work, the more luck I seem to have.

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    Now coming back to this thread.


    You must follow the guidelines mentioned below before expecting your posts to be approved:

    You must research about the topic of your article well. Avoid copying from external sources. You must write your article with very good quality English and you should always check your article for spelling mistakes and grammatical errors before submitting them on Techulator. Your must make sure that your article should not be less than 300 words as it is a policy on Techulator.

    You must follow the guidelines given above so that editors will approve your posts with good cash rewards.


    I find that the harder I work, the more luck I seem to have.

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    Members are requested not to pull up very old threads needlessly. The thread may be still open in case the author of the thread wishes to make some additional statement. That does not mean that members should post responses there. If really necessary, simply start a new thread and give a link to the old thread as a reference, stating what your suggestions/feedback/views are.

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    Thanks Aman for pointing out the mistake in my response. I have corrected the mistake now.

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    Since the purpose of this thread is done, I would request editors to close this for further responses.
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