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    A serious mistake in AE section

    I am sorry if I appear to be cribbing a lot. But there is a serious blunder in AE section. Either the editors are not paying any attention to the authenticity of the response, or I am afraid their is some kind of favouritism for some members. Point in question is this link . One more member apart from me has also expressed dissent with this member. I have often seen this member committing the same mistake over and again. He doesn't seem to check the authenticity of the content he has been posting.He takes the info from a website - any website, whether relevant or not - and just adds a few of his favourite words and posts it. Once posted, he doesn't seem to check for mistakes even. Pay attention to the 12GB RAM info! Can't see which laptop has this much RAM. Editors should have paid attention to such mistakes. I hope I have made my points clear.
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    We will look into this matter and also will be more careful while editing the answers.

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    Thanks Tony sir for taking note of our concerns.Also please note that the concerned response ,so totally irrelevant in the Indian context, as another member has pointed out in response to the same question.
    Live....and Let Live!

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