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    What is the criteria for cc in AE section?

    What exactly is the criteria used in reviewing and rewarding the AE responses? I am sorry if I am expressing doubts on editors, but the reason for my complaint is why do we see differential rewards for similar responses? I had also pointed this out before. My point is in connection with THIS LINK . I don't see much of a difference in two responses, o's is there? Can anyone point out the changes please?
    One more interesting point - whenever this kind of a question comes up , I see the similar response with exact words but only a few changes in numbers! Is this what we call innovative? What about this who explain the details in a little more detail instead of using cliché words repeatedly? I am sorry once again for pointing fingers at the editors, but I guess I am entitled to voice my views.
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    The criteria is Rs 1 per sentence. But the sentence should be strong and of good length. The editors decide on the basis of the content in the answer and reward it accordingly.

    The link you have given is a features and specs question for which it is sure that every answer will contain the same information and hence the criteria goes like this:
    The one who answers the question at first is given higher rewards and the one who secondly answers the same question is given slightly lower points and cash. So, the criteria is on the first cum serve basis.
    So, the answers have been given the points and cash accordingly that is the first one awarded 7, the second one 6 and the 3rd one 5.

    Hope you got the answer of your question.


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    Thanks Mehdi for clearing my doubts. In fact, I was little confused. Thanks also for letting me know the criteria for points and reward.
    Live....and Let Live!

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    Pleasure is all mine. Also let me make you aware of the fact that the answer which the editors think have been posted after a good research and quality collection are preferred and those answers are not likely to been seen for the feature-spec questions. So, for such answers, slightly lower awards are given as the information is readily available on the other sources i.e. a matter of Google search. This aspect is hence also taken into consideration for every answer in the Experts section.


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