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    Exit link activity on statcounter vs. adsense performance report

    I have been freelance writing for years, but have not really concentrated on earning through Adsense. It is no surprise then that I do not quite understand the basics of how it works.

    The night before, I posted an article which received around 125 views in less than 24 hours. (That I thought was a good sign.) I collected this data from statcounter. The exit links also showed decent activity, visitors had clicked on Google ads when exiting.

    The problem is, statcounter recorded 14 clicks, but Google adsense shows just 1 click. The clicks were not manipulated by me. I don't understand what happened to the balance 13 clicks.
    Is there an explanation why this is happening?
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    It is likely that StatCounter registers all possible clicks & not only the ones on ads. That is, it may be registering clicks randomly made in the middle of the text or at the top or sides when somebody taps in these places to find the cursor. This was one of the explanations given which I found at

    Check also the discussion in this Google groups thread:!topic/adsense/_9t0esYbP50


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    Possible yes, but not in this instance. The exit links clearly show the 'exit link clicked' as Google Adsense 300x600, 300x250, 728x90, 730x90.

    Thank you for sharing relevant info, will go through it.

    A love affair with knowledge will never end in heartbreak!
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    StatCounter records each and every click but the case is not like that in Adsense. Adsense records the one click per IP address of the visitors. This is to protect you from the Adsense click bombing which means sometimes a spammer clicks on the ads of your pages many times and this can result in the termination of your Adsense account. So, to prevent you from such a loss, Adsense calculates only the unique ad clicks and not like the StatCounter which gives you per click details, because Adsense has to pay the publishers and they are not going to let their money get wasted by paying for many clicks from same IP address.

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    Don't you think 14 clicks on just 125 page impressions sounds suspicious? You have noticed this now, I have been noticing it since 4 years, those values will always have a huge difference.

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    Mehdi, what you say makes sense, but in this case there weren't any return visits. Data showed that the clicks happened at different times, and there were no returning visits during that period.

    Ankit, I just about understand the basics of adsence. 14 clicks/125 impressions I don't see that suspiciously because they were all first time visitors. And I don't see why each of those 14 (13 technically) would want to target me!

    Anyway thanks for sharing your experience. I've since learnt to ignore statcounter data.

    A love affair with knowledge will never end in heartbreak!
    Take Care

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