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    Urgent help needed for a pending article

    One of my article is moved to pending status. The reason is : "Give a line break between the end of each paragraph and start of a new paragraph".
    Here is the link of that article - Turtle Beach Ear Force XO Seven Xbox 360 Headset Review.
    Personally I don't find any place for line-break in my article. Kindly go through the article and let me know, where should I use line break tag in my article.
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    It is very simple. You haven't put a proper space between the paragraphs. For instance take the first paragraph of the above mentioned article. After the completion of this paragraph please press enter to leave a space between the two paragraphs. You need not to leave a space after a H2 heading as it is automatically given fair amount of space.

    Also after the heading 'Features and Advantages...' which is in the H2 rag, you have pressed enter key and a lot of space has been left below with the next paragraph. You should have given the line break between the heading and the upper paragraph

    Further, you should give a line break after the image URL get keep enough space between text and the image.

    Hope you got you answer.


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    Here I am citing an example for your better understanding.

    H2-What is your name?-H2
    My name is Mehdi.

    H2-What is your designation in techulator?-H2
    I am a general member with some editorial rights in the Ask Expert section.

    H2-Do you find techulator a good source of earning?-H2
    Yes techulator is a pretty good source of income as well as a source to develop one's language skills. I love techulator.

    This is how you are supposed to put the line breaks i.e. just before the H2 tag and not after it. Hope it is pretty clear to you now.


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    Thanks Mehdi for your detailed advice. I have updated the article with the help of your example. Please check it again and let me know the necessary changes, if any.

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    Yes, that is what the concerned editor meant.
    The last paragraph having the heading of Final word is too much detached from the rest of the article. May be you have given two line breaks for this paragraph. Re-look for such instances and make sure that you press the Enter key only once for each paragraph. Otherwise, it effects the presentation of the article.


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