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    Why the articles are not reviewed yet

    I have been a member of techulator since last Thursday, that is 22 January onward. Till now, I have posted almost 6 articles. None of them are reviewed yet. I am a bit excited about it as I am a newbie. Is there any problem with my articles or is it a common scene? If anyone could provide my good suggestions, I am looking forward to write more articles. I am waiting for my article approval so that I could start writing new ones soon.

    I got a suggestion from one of our editor Mehdi that I should use more words while writing articles. From the next one onwards I will try to do so. I need more suggestion so that I could improve my writing skills.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Your articles need a lot of tuning in every aspect like language, SEO, headings, content, presentation etc. For instance, I am taking your article:

    Samsung working on a SmartWatch with wireless charging

    This article contains just 156 words which is not acceptable here. Some of the articles in techulator have 150 words of summary and I mostly spend 200 words in the introduction portion to make the reader's well aware about the content they are going to find in the article.

    Second thing is that the sentences in the above article doesn't make any sense. For example you have written that "trend of the market are" which should be "trend of the market is". This is a basic language mistake and there are many more like this.

    Third one is that you have put your content in long sentences with a junk meaning and tough wording. By this I mean to say that a reader is compelled to read a sentence two or three times to fully understand what the author is trying to say.

    Google always loves simple language and not the content with tough words and junk meanings. You should be very simple and precise.

    There are many more such mistake like you have not used any heading in the article, neither an introduction nor a conclusion.

    Please focus on these things and you will get your article approved quickly.


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    Sorry for the delay Neeraj. Usually the articles are reviewed on the weekend but I have been caught up in some work and was not able to clear the New Submission list this weekend. We also had a good load of new articles within the last 2 weeks so that is also a cause. Please have patience, will try to review the articles in the coming weekend.

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    Thanks Mehdi for pointing out my mistakes. As it was my fist post. Maybe because of my excitment, I have committed the mistakes. I like to tell you that I will clear all these mistakes and write great articles from now onwards. Expecting your whole hearted support.

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    Have patience, Neeraj - Please note that the editors have a whole lot posts and articles to review. In addition they also need to keep an eye on all the sections including forum for violation of site rules. They will review your articles soon.
    Live....and Let Live!

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    Yes Neeraj, I am also experiencing the same editorial delay in resource section. I have total of 6 articles in the New Submission section. And many more in my draft. I can understand the the work load on editors of resource section. But I want to request Webmasters to speed up the editorial work of resource setion so that I can contribute more in techulator.

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    I am also waiting for the approval of my articles. Hope they all get approve soon.

    I find that the harder I work, the more luck I seem to have.

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