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    Show current online members

    I have been using Techulator for last three days. It's such a pleasure using this great informative website. I am very much fond of technology and therefore I like this site so much. When I visited its sister site Indiastudychannel channel, I have seen a column which shows current online members. It would be so nice if such a feature is there in this site also. It would help us to create friends in this website and also will help us to communicate with them when they are online. I believe techulator will consider my opinion.
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    First of all accept my warm welcome to this website.
    I don't this this is an important feature for a website. Showing online members is not a necessary feature and how do you think it will create a friendly atmosphere? I don't think so.
    Anyways wait for the reply from webmaster.


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    Further, i want to throw some light on an irrelevant topic. I went through your profile and found that you have post five articles and only one is of a considerable length. Please note that the minimum length of the article encouraged in techulator is 500 words and in rare cases, the articles with less than 300 words are accepted. One of your articles contains just 211 words which according to my knowledge is not acceptable in techulator.

    Please tune your articles according to the content posting guidelines of the techulator and get them approved quickly without finding them in the pending or even deleted state. And believe me, deletion of an article for a newbie is a matter of frustration. So, hope that you will act upon my suggestion and work as per the guidelines of this website. :-)

    Have a nice experience with techulator!


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    Thanks for the information. I dont know why you are considering length of an article. I always feel its not length but quality and importance of an article is important. Anyway if those articles were against your guidlines, tell me how to delete them.

    Next time onwards I will try to write large articles. The problem is that I used yo write latest technical news. It may not have much information for writing it in 500 words. Anyway I will try my level best.


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    This is the answer of your first question.
    Yes, it is possible to see the online/offline status of a member in techulator. If you want to see who is online now, just visit a forum thread and look next to the name of a member, you will see a buddy type icon. Actually this is a 'contact member' icon.
    If that icon is visible, then the member is online. If not, he/she if offline. Moreover, if you turn off the images of your browser, then you will see the 'online' status instead of 'contact member' icon.

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    Quality is not the only thing considered in techulator, presentation of the article well is equally important. Your language skills look pretty good. You have not to delete the articles you posted but please learn HTML tagging, image alignment and many related stuff and give your article a well versed presentation potential. This not only gives your articles a decent look but also increases their ranks in the search engines.
    The length of the article is of equal importance. The articles containing just 200 words will look like a short paragraph and is not likely to gain much traffic because of less amount of keywords. So, you should keep in consideration each and every aspect while developing your articles to make them prove more beneficial to you.


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    Muddassir Husain,

    I myself completely forgot about the "Online" icon you mentioned. In fact, when you suggested that, I really went ahead and checked if that is true, even though I myself developed that feature few years ago.


    It is possible to show the Online members on the right panel. But we just have 4-5 active members and only one or two will be online at the same time. It is not important to waste our limited space on the rightside to show just 1 or 2 online members.

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