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    How to delete an incomplete resource?

    I had been editing my article on best diet apps, but by some network error there has been a duplicate entry for the same resource. I continued editing and publishing one of them which got approved. The other entry still remains unedited under my profile. I can't find a way to deletevit. Here is the link for the incomplete entry. I request editors to kindly delete it.
    Please note that the correct entry has been approved and I want to get the wrong entry deleted.
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    I think it is better to use this unpublished article to write a new one because the deletion creates a false impact on the viewers mind. You can write a new article under this headings with a new summary and title an after publishing, request the editor to change the link of the article via a personal message.
    Further, if you want this resource to get deleted, then just wait for a resource editor to move this article to the deleted section.


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    Thanks Mehdi for that suggestion.Even I had been thinking on the same lines. I request editors not to delete the resource.
    Live....and Let Live!

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    Thanks for coming up to my suggestion. Editors will not delete it now. Start writing over a new article under this link and the editors will change the link of the article accordingly.


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    What is the above post doing in this thread? I request the member to check the section properly. Looks like he wanted to post in some AE response. I urge the newbies to kindly browse through the site to gain a clear understanding of the different sections and layout of the site before posting any content. Hope editors will take proper decision about this post.
    Live....and Let Live!

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    Timmappa Kamat,

    He is a spammer who applies no sense when posting spammy content. They will post anything anywhere.

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