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    Help me familiarize with techulator

    I am very much new to techulator. Started a new account right now. I like to write a lot of articles. I already have tech blogs. Now I am looking forward to working with techulator. I am seeking the help of senior members to help me familiarize with this site. I want to know about article posting rules and revenue sharing programs. Thanks in advance.
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    First of all, I want to welcome you in techulator.
    Now come to the main query, you can earn money on techulator through various ways. I strongly recommend you to read this thead - Ongoing awards and rewards in techulator.
    Here are some more resources you should read - Adsense revenue sharing and Infolinks revenue sharing programs.
    You should read help section for more information on content posting guidelines.

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    I would suggest you to start off with Ask Experts and forum section. That would help you get through to the Gold level. Unless you reach Gold level, you will not be able to participate in revenue sharing programmes.
    As for writing articles, since you have blogging experience, it should not be a problem to you.
    Search this forum and you can find threads related to revenue and reward programmes, content posting guidelines and various article writing contests on Techulator. Welcome to TEC and have pleasant experience here.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    First of all accept my warm welcome over here. This is really a great website to earn as well as learn. I suggest you to go through the following resource to understand the techulator better and learn about the top section in here and their usage to earn points and cash.

    Top sections of A beginners' guide


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