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    Are you fed up with using Facebook?

    Majority of us may have been using Facebook for years. But many of my friends complaint that Facebook is boring nowadays. I just started to think about the future of Facebook. Is Facebook boring you guys?
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    I am not using Facebook at all these days. I have completely lost interest in it. Instead I am more active on twitter, because it helps you connect directly to your topic of interest rather than getting bombarded with meaningless likes.
    Live....and Let Live!

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    It is very interesting to know that you skipped Facebook. It is a fact that Facebook is getting bored now a days. I too have a twitter account. But no so active ...

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    Facebook has been losing it's charm because of the nonsense like status updates. Friends lists of members are getting saturated - no new friends are getting added. Status updates are repetitive and boring. People who promoted it in earlier days have turned older, employed and now treat Facebook as a waste of time. Newer generations have better options than Facebook. Unless they come up with something radical to retain interest of people, their popularity is bound to decline.
    Live....and Let Live!

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    Definitely Facebook has lost its charm as many of the people use it only to share their photos. Of late, I find the younger generation utilising this opportunity to finish their assignments and project work.

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    I do use facebook regularly. Don't know why you guys are getting bored with facebook. It is a very great source of traffic for my blog too.

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    I am using Facebook daily so as to communicate with my friends. I like to use it mostly every day. I never got bored by using it as I am busy with my friends.

    I find that the harder I work, the more luck I seem to have.

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    I don't get bored either. Facebook is the best means of communication in today's world and I found this social network more interesting than the others because of its quality features. It is really an amazing social network which one can never get bored of.

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    Facebook is a social website to connect with your friends, co-workers or the people you love.

    If you use it for getting likes or comments, you will fed up soon. Facebook is a great site to connect with your friends, I am using it for many years not get bored till now. I am not having thousands of friends. But I have my friends in my friend list, which includes personally known and others.

    Thus I don't think facebook lose it's charm. I also have twitter account and I am active on both FB and twitter. The one advantage of Twitter over facebook is, you get more official info through twitter comparing facebook.

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    I joined Facebook strictly for one purpose: when I joined, we were encouraged to get traffic to our posts via Facebook. So actually I am not at all an active user of Facebook. I also routinely delete all the messages I get in my email inbox about somebody posting something, updating photo status, etc without bothering to check these out.

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    Even I do that. I am seldom interested in facebook interaction these days. I do the same as what Vandana said. I keep getting messages. Though I have many friends on facebook, most of them added during my earlier days with the social network.
    The only social media site I am more active is twitter.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    I do use Facebook regularly and I don't think that it has lost its charm other than that it has improved a lot in means of communication. By using Facebook I get new updates from my friends and relatives there is no question of being bored also it is fast and the best thing about it is that it is free!!!

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    Everyone liked facebook in starting but after some days people feel boring from using it ?

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