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    Can we post creative commons photos at Techulator?

    Majority of the writing websites generous to provide option to post creative commons photos by providing attribution to the owners of the photo. But in Techulator that thing is missing if I am not wrong. Why we can't post creative commons photos by giving credit to the photographers in legal manners? In resource section I couldn't find any place to provide link to the photo attribution in Techulator. What you say friends?
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    I have requested the Webmasters to clarify this query about photos. Please wait for their response.


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    You can use creative common licensed photos on TEC. But there are a few rules regarding it's usage one of which is that you have to mention the license too along with it. One major provider of such photos is Wikipedia.

    However, don't confuse it with using photos from other blogs by giving them credit. That can only be done after taking due permissions from them. These photos are not under creative commons licensing and can't be used as such.

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    Dear Ankit,

    Your point is very clear. But I am asking about posting photos from Wikipedia commons by giving attribution to the original page. It is very legal one.

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    We discourage use of photos from other sources. Search engines will not rank any photos that are reproduced from other sources even if you give credit. Those images can be used when it is absolutely necessary but not as a regular practice.

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    I most use the images taken by me in any of the posts in techulator. The images from other sources are generally not encouraged over here. Also, using one's own images creates a great impact on the visitors while they are viewing your posts.

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