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    Regarding response for query in AE

    I posted a query on 15th Jan in AE section in this link. I was waiting for a response with a hope that our Tech savoys would sort out my problem. But no response was found and I expected one of our Editors would take the lead. It is not a complaint.

    In the mean time, I tried in my own way to resolve the problem which was successful. I posted my experience as a response and one should not think that I deliberately posted the question and answer to score a point. Yet I wanted some clarity for my doubt.
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    It is perfectly ok to post a response to your own query if you have been able to solve your problem. In fact, it would help others having a similar problem. When giving such a response in your own thread, it would be a good idea to mention at the beginning "I was able to find a solution myself and would like to share the information".

    Of course, editors will keep a watchful eye on those who will needlessly respond to their own queries repeatedly.


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    You can also post your answers as anonymous. So that no one can view your name except editors and webmasters.

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    Thank you Madam Vandana for your guidance. Also, thanks to Madassir for his suggestion.

    Ediors may lock this thread please.


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