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    Bad Precedence in AE section response

    As the editors have been asking us to be more precise and to the point, there are some instances that encourage otherwise. My query is with the AE question at this link . The answer to this question cannot be anything other than a YES. Why stretching an answer been rewarded more than the others? I feel this way members will be tempted to go on stretching the responses just to get more points and cc - which according to one of the editors is not permitted (I have been instructed not to do so). Hope I have cleared my point of dissent.
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    Yes I agree with Timmappa, this type of behaviour frustrates me alot. I don't know why stretched answers get more points and cc. This type of behaviour will encourage other members to extra stretch the answers to get more points and cc.

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    It has been given proper points and cash credits now. Thanks for reminding me this.

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    Thank you for giving heed to our point.
    Live....and Let Live!

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    This has come to our attention and we have understood some members are stretching the answers a lot to get extra cash/points. We will keep an eye on this and will reward the answers according to the merit and not based on the length.

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    Thank you, Tony Sir for taking note of our concern. This will help in improving the quality of content on TEC. It will also motivate members to contribute in quality rather than in quantity - length here.
    Live....and Let Live!

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