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    Easy Steps to Install Software Programs on Windows, Ubuntu, and MAC

    Windows, Ubuntu, and MAC are the most popularly used operating systems. Installing software programs on them is not at all difficult. There is no need for you to have any technical background to do it. Here are the direct methods you can follow.
    ->First make sure that you have followed the following general steps before moving on to the OS you have:
    • The software you want to install will have specific system requirements. Make sure that they comply with your computer. This basic step in particular is normally missed by many people, hence wasting a lot of time on the go.
    • Close all the other programs that are running.
    • If a reboot is asked after a program is installed, do not worry. It is mandatory after most installations, so do it.
    ->To install the program of your choice, follow these basic steps and get them running:
    1) Microsoft
     Installation from a cd: Auto play starts automatically when a cd or dvd is inserted. If so, the next steps will appear on the computer screen. If this does not happen,
    - Click on 'My Computer' icon.
    - Open the drive which contains the files for the installation of your program. For e.g. C: or D:
    - Now what you see is directly a set up marked with .exe else an install file.
    - For a few programs, there maybe more than one install file or setup. In those find the file called application and double-click each one of the install files or setup, until the installation is initiated.
     Installing a downloaded program: These days most of our installed programs come from downloads. Downloads are in the form of an executable or it is compressed.
    - Executable: This requires only double-clicking on the icon and the setup process is started instantly.
    - Compressed: This requires a file extractor before you can start the setup. Right click on the archive and choose 'Extract All' from the pop-up menu. Choose the location where you want to save extract files. Click "next" to extract the files and then double-click on the icon to initiate start up.
    2) Ubuntu
    - There is the Ubuntu Software Center icon on your screen, in the main menu. Click it and you see a search box at the top of the window. Type in the specific program or the type of program you need to install.
    - Choose the program from the options that appear, and click install.
    - When the dialog for password appears, type it and press enter key.
    3) MAC
    There are three ways to install programs on MAC and that depends on the extension the program has.
     .img: This is a disk image. Double-click on it. You will see a window with the application and also the link to your application folder. Then drag the application icon to your application folder.
     .zip: Double-click and the OSX will itself help uncompressing it into another new folder. Next open the created folder and finally drag the application to application folder and drop.
     .pkg: Double-click on it. Nothing is to be done further as all the necessary tasks are performed by the installation wizard. Once it is complete, your program is ready to run.
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