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    A Techulator Expert that only ask questions on techulator.

    Whether it is allowed on Techulator to post only questions and get rewards or not.
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    Dear Alok,
    You can't earn a good amount by just asking questions in the ask expert section. No matter how much content your question carries, you will get only Rs 2 per post in that section. And for the questions which get you 1000 visitors, you will get Rs 100 but that is very rare.
    Also, the payment threshold of techulator is Rs 1000 that means you have to cross that limit to get your payment in hand. So, can you post 500 questions to get to the payment threshold? That is not practically possible every month. However, you can get to that in 3 or 4 months but that doesn't fetch you a handsome income.
    You can post articles in the resources section or answers to the questions in the Expert section to earn a pretty good amount.


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    I was not asking that can I earn money by posting questions rather I want to highlight to one of the techulator expert named Saloni Rathee who posts only questions on Techulator. I had brought this topic in front of Tony Sir and he had assured me that surely he'll do something.

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    So, what is wrong with that. One can contribute to the section they like. However, spamming is not allowed. Ok, let Tony sir handle the case.

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    Alok, a member is free to contribute to any section he or she wishes to. There can't be any restrictions to this.
    But, I can easily guess the doubts that are coming up in your mind. Even I have been thinking on the same lines, but we can't be sure about it So let Tony sir handle it.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    Yes,Timmappa you got what I was talking about.

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    Yes Alok, I am also observing the same thing since last few days. She always ask same type of questions and everytime the content of her questions is almost same.

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    and answered by the same person within a few minutes!
    Live....and Let Live!

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    Yes, I too observed the same. Now got your point. Thanks for the information. I will soon forward this to tony sir via email. This is a serious matter to be looked upon.

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    Please note that we are not against any member here. But we expect the level playing field for everyone. Though we are not sure of what we have been thinking, yet we feel there should not be any place for any kind of doubt. Hope everyone understands.
    Live....and Let Live!

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    Alok, Why are you groaning of for such an issue? As per my thinking a member on Techulator is not forced to give answers in the Ask Expert section. That is my desire weather I ask questions or I give answers. Who are you to force me? And rather than creating such an issue you should earn points from posting your content. Rather than posting your content you are becoming jealous of me. You should work hard rather than pestering others as that quality is not good. Mind your own business.

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    You must think over your content rather than checking others. And this way you are also discouraging me by crating such an issue I will talk to Tony sir that members like you and Timmappa kamat can also lead to loose the craze to be a member on Techulator and even it can also lead to loose some members from this site that can affect this site too.

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    I am not the only one who's observing your activites and one thing I really don't observe your activites the fact is that your similar questions asking about the specifications are odd enough to make us observe your name and hence we observed you. You're not only blaming me instead you're blaming the all members and the editor who kept their view in the forum section.

    You had told that I'm using this type of activties to make points then I want to make one thing clear to you that I never used the forum section for this purpose. The forum section is for keeping our concern regarding the site hence I did the same. You said that I'm becoming jealous then I would like to say one thing that Why should I be jealous of you ? You have earned a little money just be posting only questions on Techulator that xan't make me to be jealous.

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    If you do not use Forum section for getting points than why are you creating such an issues?

    I find that the harder I work, the more luck I seem to have.

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    Aman and Saloni, do you have anything to say about the comment #20056? It seems even the editors are biased accirding to you. We are not blaming anyone. We are just observing some unusual behaviour and as responsible members alerted the editors and admin. There is no question of being jealous of anyone. We would also like to point it out to you that none of us used the kind of language you have been using in your response to this thread.
    Live....and Let Live!

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    We just lighted the topic and you have ignited it Aman and Saloni Rathee. We commented a lot in this thread that doesn't hurted any of the members but when you commented I really got hurted by your words.

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    Any member can report about an issue which is creating some doubt. Alok asked a perfectly legitimate query. Note the text of his thread, namely Whether it is allowed on Techulator to post only questions and get rewards or not. . It is clearly a simple question. He is in no way objecting or making any aggressive comments.

    Thus Alok simply wants to know whether or not it is allowed that a member can post only questions and not give any answers at all. I see nothing wrong in raising such a query.

    I would like to request members to tone down their responses when reacting to a thread & maintain some basic decorum in the forum. The Webmasters are aware of this thread & when Tony Sir gets time, he will surely give us feedback. So do be patient & await his response, instead of reacting angrily any further.


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    Thanks Vandana madam for understanding the point we raised. We are also thankful to Mehdi Bro for taking note of our exact objection. Why did Aman come in support of the member we have been having objection to? That raises the doubt further. Hope everyone understands.
    Live....and Let Live!

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