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    Confused in traffic stats of AE question

    Traffic stats of this question of mine are as follows :
    All time - 48 views.
    Last 1 year - 80 views.
    Last 1 month - 137 views.
    I am completely confused between these different figures. I want to know the exact total number of page views on my question. How can I do so ?
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    The traffic stats of your post is showing updated results up last one month. It takes some time to update the all time and the last 1 year traffic stats just as the contribution section in the techulator takes. The active member list of today is updated quickly followed by Last 7 days then Last 30 days and so on. So, just wait till the list is updated.
    I suggest you to use StatCounter to monetize your incoming traffic. I you don't know about that, I can help you to implement the same in techulator and if you are already signed up then just use the StatCounter to track your traffic with full details.


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    Thankyou Mehdi sir for your quick response. My doubt is clear now. And yes, I am also using statcounter to get detailed traffic stats of my techulator account.

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    Oh please! don't be so formal. I am just Mehdi. Simple Mehdi. No sir/madam formalities.
    So, if you are using the statcounter, you should be very sure about the traffic generated by the above mentioned post.


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