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    Delete my windos 8.1 pro contrast

    I am not paste copy so you this is copy so delete my windows 8.1 pro containt
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    Please point out your query in plain and simple English so that we get a clear understanding of it
    Live....and Let Live!

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    I think that you are stating that some content you provided is not copy-pasted. Well, whenever raising an issue, it is advisable to give the URL of the post for quick reference and review. In any case, copied content will get deleted, as also a post wherein the member does not bother to make the requisite corrections despite clear-cut instructions from an editor.


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    You answer has been deleted because of plagiarism i.e. copying or reproducing content from other existing source. The link of the question in which your answer is deleted is:

    And the reason of deletion is given as:

    Copied content

    Since the editor has not mentioned the link from which the answer is reproduced, you are confused about the same. This information is contained in many other website and you have also copied the same. So, here is the link from which the content has been copied.

    Hope you are now satisfied with the judgement of the editor.


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