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    Is point in Techulator not same for Gold, Diamond and silve members?

    I just want to know the point structure of techulator. Is the point same for all level members or Diamond category members will earn more points for their post?
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    Well, I guess - with my experience over the last 17 days and from journey from bronze to silver to gold level - the points depend on the quality of your contribution. Please don't belittle the bonhomie in TEC.
    Live....and Let Live!

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    Kamat is right. The points and cash awarded to your posts in resource and ask expert section depends on the quality of the content. The criteria of assigning points and cash to the posts is same for all the member irrespective of the member rank or level. However, a trusted and certified member gets his/her posts approved quickly as the editor trust their writing skills. Hope you got your answer.

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    Even a newbie can get high points for a post in any section if the quality is very good. In fact, rather than focusing on points, a member should focus on providing in-depth content, whether it is an article or an Ask Expert answer or even a forum response. The points will then automatically flow in, as also the earnings!

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    As per my experience on Techulator the points given for your content mainly depends on two things. First, The quality of your content. Second, The length of your content. Make sure to work hard on both of them so that editors can award with you more points. Keep posting on with your valuable content. You must explain the topic and you must post your content in your own words rather than copying from web to get more points. The procedure to give points is same for every member on Techulator.

    I find that the harder I work, the more luck I seem to have.

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    One thing I can see in most of the occassions, long and stretched posts are given more points than short and accurate posts. And yes, new members get more points and cash credits to increase their interest in techulator.

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    Note that a long post does not get more points merely because of its length. Editors are aware of which posts are needlessly stretched and would not unnecessarily assign more points for such posts. They will check for quality always, with focus on the information given and not on mere addition of sentences/paragraphs injected merely for making it longer than really needed.


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