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    How does putting keywords in bold impact content?

    Though there are many members on this site that seem to be doing it; but, I rarely find content posted by other writers on the internet with keywords in bold.

    I have a few questions. Is putting words and/or sentences in bold going to impact our articles? Is it a trick to make the content more search engine friendly or is it a 'dead' technique that is still being practiced by some?

    If it is good practice to place keywords in bold then what is the limit on the number of words and/or phrases that can be put in bold?
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    Yes, I think it does work. Putting the keywords in bold tag enhances the SEO of the content. I am not too much familiar with it. You could wait for the response by an experienced member.


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    There are more than 200+ ranking factors in Google's Algo. And bold tag is a minor ranking signle. Many popular bloggers like Harsh Agrawal, Derran Rowse and Brian Dean use bold tags in the their posts to highlight the main kayword. Bold tag is considered more search engine friendly than Strong tag.

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    Using Bold, Italics and Underline had a good impact on search engine ranking till a few years ago. Now the significance of those have come down. Moreover, use those tags extensively to highlight keywords will be penalised for "over optimization".

    As a general practice, we do not encourage using such tags due to the possibility of getting penalised. If you are keen on using those tags, use it only when absolutely necessary. Typically, just one such tag per article is good enough.

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    That has been a good info indeed, Tony Sir. We, in fact, think otherwise and opt for what you said "Over Optimisation".
    Live....and Let Live!

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    I am new to it, so I am not sure.

    I find that the harder I work, the more luck I seem to have.

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    No, making keywords bold don't have anything to do with SEO. Matt Cutts of Google, who leads web spam and search quality team has already told all webmasters to use bold tag in the normal ways, like highlighting some important information or points, rather than using it for SEO purposes.

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