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    How you select questions in 'Ask Experts' section of Techulator?

    I have found many friends of Techulator concentrated mainly in the 'Ask Experts' section. I just want to know what is the criteria you people adopt to select questions for answering in Techulator. Is there any particular idea you people following?
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    First of all I must say that contributing to only one section doesn't help. You need to be an alrounder. Coming to your question, there is no need of selecting the questions to be answer. Just read the question and if you know anything about it or help the member who posted the question in any manner, just do so. And if you lack the knowledge of any question, just skip it and move forward.
    Also, you can take help of the other sources to make your answer more accurate and precise but remember, do not copy anything from that source. Just get the idea and write it down in your own words.


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    What does it have to do with the criteria for selecting the question? As long as the question has been approved and posted in the section, just answer it if you have any proper reply. Try to be grammatically correct. Stay to the pont.
    And if you have some questions, post the question. If your language is proper, and the question holds some quality value associated with it - it will be approved. Don't post the question just for the sake of it.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    Yes, I do follow some criteria, one is I prefer to answer the unanswered, as giving another answer with the same solution in other words doesn't make any sense.
    From those unanswered, I choose the topic on which I have a better control and understanding.

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    That is really innovative thinking, Anwestha.
    Live....and Let Live!

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    Here's a useful tip everyone:
    You may have expertise in a particular field only, let's say blogs. In that case, first click on the category 'Blogging and Websites'. Next, click on the 'unanswered' link. You will then see all the queries of this category alone which have not got any answers at all.

    Thus you can give answers as per your niche of expertise and not waste time going through all the unanswered questions.


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    I don't have any criteria for answering any Ask Expert question. I do answer only those question which I can answer easily. I don't throw just a small snippet on each and every question for getting points and cash credits. Usually i prefer answering questions on topics like video games, Android smartphones and blogging etc.

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