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    A question on Google+ and its impact on articles

    When I Google+ an article I see a sweeping change in its page ranking; it begins improving. I understand that it is likely for my article to come up on the first page of search results of people on my Google+ list if they Google the main keyword/product. But, then that is understandable as I have already shared the article with them.

    What I want to know is how does sharing an article on Google+ impact its overall ranking on the web? Does sharing articles on Google+ change the way Google looks at articles?
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    Google uses hundreds of signs to rank a page. This are based on depth, quality of English, page load, bounce rate, overall ranking of site, frequency of posting, authority and some more qualities. One part of this is probably social sharing too.

    However, just sharing it in Google+ is not going to bring it to first few pages on search results. If you are signed in though, you will see that particular article as the first results if you have shared it in Google+ So a good idea to find the actual position of an article is to open a Incognito window or Private window and without signing in search for that topic. Then you will actually get to know the actual position of the article in Google search.

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    Thank you for your response. I understand that a lot must come into play to decide the page ranking.

    I missed adding searching for an article in incognito mode in the above post. I have tried that too, and often the results show little or no change in the ranking. Does the IP address have something to do with it? Surely, Google must know where the search originated, and pieces things together.

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    One of the Google's ranking factor is that, those websites that we visit most of the time while logged in into our Gmail account, ranks higher in our Google searches.
    And yes geo-locations and IP addresses also play major role in search ranking.
    For example - enter these two urls in the address bar of your browser : ( Google India).
    and ( Google UK ).
    Both results will be different.

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    Google+ is a social networking platform launched with the aid of Google in 2011. Its affect articles varied. For some, it supplied a platform for content material merchandising and engagement, doubtlessly growing visibility and visitors to articles shared on the platform. However, Google+ failed to attain large adoption and used to be ultimately shut down in 2019. As a result, its effect on articles diminished over time as different social media structures received prominence for content material distribution and promotion.

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