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    How to create a hyperlink to an existing article/post?

    I want to learn how to create a hyperlink to an article or thread that exists on TEC. If I copy it from address bar and paste it, it does not show up as a hyperlink.
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    <a href="">Words to show up as link</a>
    This is how you create links.

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    You can create Hypertext or Anchor link through this HTML tag :
    (a href="") Techulator (/a)
    Replace ( ) with < >.

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    Thanks webmaster
    Live....and Let Live!

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    Just go through this link and learn about all the HTML tags allowed in techulator and the code to implant them in your content.



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    Thanks , Mehdi- that was an awesome and helpful link. Thanks for widening my knowledge of html tags.
    Live....and Let Live!

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    You are most welcome. That is my duty. I think taking the help of search bar or help topics to get answers to your questions and clear your doubts is more effective than asking them over here in the forums.


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