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    Mistake in Ask Expert response

    Plese note that there is amistake in Ask Expert response to a question on One Plus One. The device runs on Cyanogen OS 11 while the response says it runs on Android KitKat.

    Can I post about this in the corresponding question so that it will benefit the one who asked it, or does it amount to violation of site rules?
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    You can post your own answer there and mention mistakes in previous answers.

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    Another case of blindly searching the internet for an answer!

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    Timmappa Kamat bro,
    Its original operating system is Android v4.4.2 KitKat OS. Since Android is an open source operating system, so every manufacturer can modify original Android OS according to his/her needs. Therefore the manufacturer of Oneplus One has modified Android KitKat OS and named it as Cyanogen OS 11. There is no mistake in saying its OS is Android KitKat.

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    I disagree with you, Muddasir bro, Cyanogen is a modded version of Android. The responses indicate that the the device has official Android version. Cyanogen OS is a modded version based on Android.
    Live....and Let Live!

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    And Cyanogen is NOT created by One plus one. There is a big community working on Cyanogen. If you are into rooting of mobile phones, you can very well understand the difference between them. Cyanogen is based on Android, but it is NOT android in itself. You can safely say it is the modified version of Android which need not comply by Google standards. Cyanogen so far had been into creating custom ROM for rooted android phones, now they have developed into a separate OS. Micromax Yu series also runs on Cyanogen OS 11.
    Live....and Let Live!

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    No, it runs on Android Kitkat but the device has been modded to Cyanogen 11s. Cyanogen Mod is an open sourced software which complies with the Google's latest Android releases to add more originality and privacy.


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