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    How to apply HTML tags when posting via Smartphone?

    My PC has crashed and I'm forced to browse and post from my smartphone. It is inconvenient in its own way, but my major problem is I can't apply HTML tags properly. Is there any way I can do it correct on my phone?
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    I cant insert html tags even on PC. Using and is bringing up bold letters. Am I doing something wrong?
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    Got it just now.But how to increase font size of bold letters?
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    You can use these HTML tags while posting from your smartphone :
    b - for bold tags.
    ol & ul - for making lists.
    li - for list items.
    a - for hyper link.
    h2 - for making heading of second level.
    h3 - for making heading of third level.
    I think we cannot increase font sizes in techulator. But you can use heading tags to highlight some parts of your posts.

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    Thanks for those tags at one place, Muddassir.
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    I think you don't need them now as I have already given you the link in a previous post with almost the same query. Go through that and learn everything about HTML tagging. :-)

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