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    Amount not credited for an accepted response

    Sorry if I seem to be unnecessarily crying. But one of my responses in Ask Experts section has been rewarded, but the cash amount has not been credited to my account. The link is

    Please note that I'm not complaining, but just trying to get myself cleared.
    Thank you
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    Why do you think so?

    Please remember to use the option "Recalculate my earnings" from your dashboard.

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    I did sir, I had Rs. 251 this morning. Got credit of Rs. 7 for one response and the amount got hiked to Rs.258. Then got rewarded for the response mentioned in above post, points were increased, but no cash credits.
    Problem with me is my PC has crashed and I'm posting from my smartphone.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    Our accounting system has been in place for many years and so far we have no complaints. Once in a while there were some questions since members get confused.

    As of now, I am concluding that our system reports the correct amount and the mistake could be due to your wrong calculations or error in your tracing. If you are not convinced, you may use a paper/pencil and add up the cash of all of your answers. I am confident that it will match the amount that is shown in your dashboard.

    Please note that only the approved posts will be counted for cash. If any of your posts go into Pending or New Submission state, those cc will not be included in your total amount until those posts are approved.

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    I am not questioning the integrity of the system in TEC, Tony Sir. I was just expressing my doubts. Sorry if I have hurt anybody.
    Live....and Let Live!

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    I have no doubts about your intentions. I was just explaining how the system works. I agree it is a bit complicated system!

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    It is because one of your response with same 10 points and 10 cc has been moved to pending. So, you see Rs 10 less in your account.
    Here is the link:

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    Thanks Prashant Dalal bro ,
    I have edited the post and used bullet list instead of table. Checked the earnings and points. It didn't change. Please look into it and solve the issue.
    I won't mind if the response is re-evaluated.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    So my calculation was correct , I missed the response that went pending after being credited.
    Sorry if I have hurt any of the editors or administrator of the site.Hope to see the amount credited by tomorrow.

    Live....and Let Live!

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