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    Extremely disappointed with editing process

    I am extremely disappointed with editing process. All the mistakes should be mentioned at one time. When a resource is pending for some correction, some mistakes are mentioned. When I edit them and resubmit some more mistakes are mentioned. It does not stop here, sometimes the resource finally gets rejected with another reason. It has happened multiple times with me.
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    It is quite difficult to accommodate even one of your article. Your articles rarely ever contain anything substantial to read. As good writer is expected to cover a topic from various angles. However, your articles leave alone being in-depth are sometimes so shallow that even the topics mentioned in the title or summary are not covered. We don't entertain such articles and that is the primary reason why majority of your articles are deleted or have to go through multiple editing processes.

    For this particular complaint of yours you are requested to give the URL of the specific article so I can give an exact reply.

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    Rather than complaining as a generalised disappointment with editing , why can't you point out or give URLs of your articles in question?
    Live....and Let Live!

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    If any of my articles provide shallow content, please reject them. There is no time is wasting time of both the parties by rejecting the article after multiple editing attempts.
    Krishna Verma

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