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    Article contest on Food & Nutrition Apps

    Hello Techies,
    We are organizing another article contest in Write articles related to "Food & Nutrition Apps" and get rewards/prizes.

    You can write on anything related to the above subject. You may refer to relevant products and websites. You can use affiliate links in the articles submitted as part of this contest. They must be generated using our shortcuts feature

    Last date to submit articles for the contest is 20-Jan-2015. So, Hurry up.

    What do you get by participating in this contest

    1. Every approved article will be paid some cash rewards.

    2. You can associate your AdSense account and get AdSense earnings from your articles.

    3. You can associate you Infolinks account and earn through Infolinks.

    4. You can use affiliate links in your articles. (In normal cases, affiliate links are allowed only for specific accounts that choose not to take any other rewards.)

    5. There will be some extra cash awards Rs 250 for the winning 3 articles. Each person can submit multiple entries but each person can win only one prize in each contest.

    6. Only fresh entries written for this contest will be eligible. Articles already posted in this site are not eligible to participate.

    Before you prepare an article, please submit your topics through a response below. This is not a mandatory requirement but sharing topics will avoid duplicate topics.

    Articles must be posted into relevant categories in the Articles section. After posting the resource, a link to the resource must be posted below as a response, so that our reviewers will find the articles to check and evaluate soon.

    Up to 3 winners will be selected based on the quality and merit of the articles.

    Each winning article will receive Rs 250 as cash credits, in addition to all other benefits mentioned above. (All articles will be given some cash credits based on the merit of the article).

    Some sample topics to write articles:

    Food & Nutrition Apps for Android
    Best Food & Nutrition Apps
    Food & Nutrition Apps iTune
    Food & Nutrition Apps review
    Food & Nutrition Apps features
    Food & Nutrition Apps from Playstore
    Top 3 Food & Nutrition Apps.
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    Are apps related to topics like how to control calorie intake eligible? There are many apps available on diet and nutrition.They aim at making you fit by determining your calorie intake and indicating the nutritional values of various ingredients of your diet.
    Live....and Let Live!

  • #19839
    My article entry for this contest is: Food and nutrition fun apps for kids

  • #19840
    Timmappa Kamat,
    You can write on any aspect related to food and nutrition, including diets, calorie checkers, etc. Please specify which topic you will write on to avoid duplication of articles on the same type of apps.


  • #19849
    I plan to write on Top Diet and Nutrition apps for android .
    By the way , what is the correct section ? I guess it should be computers and smart devices.

    Live....and Let Live!

  • #19852
    I'll be writing on The Top 10 Dieting and Nutritional Tracking Android Apps.
    The Best Vegan Diet Apps
    Nutrition in Pregnancy app.

    A love affair with knowledge will never end in heartbreak!
    Take Care

  • #19870
    I will write on Top 4 Food & Nutrition Apps.

  • #19886
    Here is my entry for contest
    Top 3 Fitness & Nutrition Apps for iPhone & Android phones

  • #19903
    My entry
    Top Windows 10 Food and Nutrition apps

  • #19904
    Here is my entry for contest
    Top 4 Food & Nutrition Apps for Android phones and iPhones

  • #19917
    Here is my entry for the contest.
    Top 3 paid food and nutritional apps for Android


  • #19966
    My entry for the contest is published at this link
    Best Diet and Nutrition Apps
    This being my first ever attempt towards writing an article, I just hope my entry will not be a mismatched and immature one among the classiest of the contributions.

    Live....and Let Live!

  • #19981
    Is this topic acceptable- '3 Must-Have Food & nutrition apps for disease prevention & cure'?

  • #19982
    My topic is on the Pros and Cons of Food and Nutrition Apps.

  • #19983
    Here's my article
    Health and Nutrition Apps: How Far Are They Helpful?

  • #19985
    Yes every thing related to the food and nutrition apps is acceptable over here. The more the topics, the more will be the increase in the versatility of this contest.


  • #20061
    Here is my another entry for the contest.

    Top 3 weight-loss apps for Android smartphones

    The articles of mine related to this topic are really gaining a good traffic. Also, my articles are coming among the top 10 searches is Google searches as reported by the StatCounter. Members should really try writing more articles related to this topic to get good number of organic visits as the search term 'Health and fitness apps' is really trending along with the keyword 'weight loss'.
    Best of Luck!


  • #20064
    Good suggestion , Mehdi. It will definitely help us in writing articles that can attract great traffic.
    Live....and Let Live!

  • #20071
    I am wondering whether an article on a weight loss app is eligible as an entry for this contest. The topic for this contest is clearly Food and Nutrition. Health and Fitness apps, such as one on weight loss, are an altogether different category of apps.

  • #20076
    Yes. Mehdi. That's really cool. How did you came to know that particular "weight loss" it is the trending word?? Even I saw in Google Trends and could not get that. Could you please, let me know how to know trending words? That would be a great help for me.

  • #20079
    Vandana mam,
    The weightloss apps can be used by obese people to lose their weight for better health and fitness. Further, Google playstore has also put these apps under health and fitness apps with a sub category of diet checkers which include in the food and nutrition apps.

    I have registered for Go through the website and you will learn everything related keyword finder.


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