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    Can we apply for Google AdSense account via TEC?

    Is there any provision to apply for Google AdSense account via TEC? I remember ISC had this option , maybe I am wrong. If such provision exists , can we get the details?
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    No, it is not possible to apply for an Adsense account via Techulator.
    There is something called Adsense Host API which allows a websites to share Adsense revenue with its users. Only these websites can be used to apply for a Hosted Adsense account. And techulator does not have Adsense Host API.
    One more thing, you cannot use Hosted Adsense account on non-host partner websites, e.g., if you get an Adsense account via ISC, then you cannot use it on your blog. To do so you need to upgrade it to fully approved Adsense account using your own blog with a custom domain name.
    You should read these Adsense related resources :

    Currently there are very few website which offers Google Adsense account. Some of these host partner websites are :
    1. India Study Channel.
    2. Hubpages.
    3. Blogspot.
    4. Youtube.

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