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    Can we answer old Ask Experts questions?

    Can we provide answers to around two months' old ask experts questions? Will that amount to pulling old threads, or is it allowed?
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    As long as you can provide valuable answers, you can pull up any old threads and answer them.

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    Dear Timmappa Kamat ,You can write answer of any question but you must use your own language, never try to post direct from any site otherwise it may be harmful for you.

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    According to me you cannot give answer of old threads because those threads are locked up by the editors and Tony Sir. As they are old they are not of much use so I think it is reason that they are locked up.

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    Dear Himan Bro , please check the response given by Tony Sir.You can answer old questions that are not locked , but be sure about being informative and not repetitive .
    Live....and Let Live!

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