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    Why my posts get doubled when I edit them

    I would like to know the reason for a question that why my posts get doubled when I edit them. Sometimes I forgot to write some words in my posts and before getting it checked by the editors I edit them but when I used to do so my posts are doubled. As per my thinking the doubled posts also irritate the editors so I would like to know the reason for this problem so that I can take proper care regarding it in future.
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    When you click the edit button, does it open in a new window?

    EDIT: I am now editing this post, don't think it will make a double post.

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    It usually happens when we accidently clicks twice on submit button. In past, it had happened with me as well.

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    This can happen in a few situations:

    1. You click the submit button once and then press again thinking it wasn't properly pressed earlier. This could result in 2 submissions.

    2. When you are typing a new post, if you click the Submit button and then go back to the previous page using the Back button of the browser and then submit again, it will become a second submission.

    Please take care of the following:

    1. Press once and then patiently wait for it to get submitted, especially if you have slow connection.

    2. When you are submitting a new post, do not press the back button on the browser to reedit. Instead, use the edit link within the post to reedit the post.

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    Tony Sir I am also facing the same problem please provide any solution to it.

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