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  • Category: Complaints

    Please provide me access to write article in resource section.

    I request to Tony Sir to please provide me access to post article in the resource section. Please give me a final chance.
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    I'm sorry, but we will not be able to let you post articles at this time. Please focus on posting quality content in other sections. Depending on how well you contribute in other sections, we may allow you to post in resources later.

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    I have been doing well and earned super contributor in both of the sections.

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    As I am a newbie to this site and first I have read all the guidelines of all the section. I found that you have not followed those guidelines well and that's why your access is restricted. I think that you should be more active so that Tony Sir can provide you access to post articles in the resource section. I think you should take care of the guidelines and you should have read them before posting article in the resource section till then you can try writing in the forum section and ask expert section as well.

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