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    Details about Adsense

    I'm new to Techulator, and i have been encountering one word since my start here-Google Adsense. I have very least knowledge about it. I also want to know how things work there. What should i do to earn a decent amount of money.
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    Google Adsense is an advertising network started by Google. It enables bloggers to earn money by displaying relevent ads on their blogs and articles. If you have fully approved Google Adsense account, then you can use it on Techulator. Then Adsense will show your ads on your articles/answers/threads in Techulator and whenever someone clicks on that ad, you will earn some money. But don't click yourself or ask ask someone to do so, Google easily identifies spam accounts and delete them in few seconds.
    You can read more about Adsense by reading these articles :

    After reading the above mentioned Google Adsense related articles, you will easily understand what is Google Adsense and how it works.

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    Google Adsense is one of the best sources of earning money from your blog, website or content. It you have approval Google Adsense account then you can use your account in your blogs or websites and increase your earning through revenue sharing of Google Adsense account. But it has few rules and regulation to getting approval account. You need to study their rules before applying your account .

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    Google Adsense is one of the very few reliable revenue resource in the online segment. Google has introduced many products for their customers and the most renowned one is Adsense. It is a revenue generating program between publisher and Google. Through this program publishers are awarded an account - Adsense account.

    It is awarded when applying with the help of some websites or blog. Once your application is admitted you will be included in the Adsense family. After that you will be able to earn money by showing your adsense id in the websites and blogger.

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