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    Redmi 2 is launched -my article

    Hey..i am hanny, i wrote a article which is rejected by you guyz. I would love to know my mistake so that i can improve them
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    You have to add the url of your article, so that editors and other members can go through it and suggest what needs to be done.
    In most cases, the reason of rejection is told by the webmasters along with the notice of rejection itself.
    So, if you find any problem with it, you can also contact the webmaster from the link provided in the message of rejection.
    Hope that works.

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    The article is not available on your profile. And the message left by the editor says the resource is rejected due to poor quality content or violation of our content policies.
    Violation of content policies includes copied content.
    You can have a look at the content posting guidelines here, and make it a practice to follow them to ensure your articles are accepted in future.

    A love affair with knowledge will never end in heartbreak!
    Take Care

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    I went thru your other articles.The reason for rejection could be poor quality of the same.You are not using any highlighting methods like Bold or italics.Also pay attention to the look of your content. It should be plesing to the eyes.
    Live....and Let Live!

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    We accept articles which are 'complete'. Though your title mentions your article as a news break but inside it is just a list of few specs. You don't talk about the product launch or anything special about the gadget. You have completed the article in less than 300 words.

    We don't accept articles which are just a list of specifications. Only those articles are approved which have something original and unique in their content.

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    Try to learn more things about this wonderful place and often newbies like me fails to do things properly. Just don't be frustrated as one of your article rejected. It may happend to any members at some period of time.

    The point is that one should find real quality, unique subject for posting. We are not allowed to post just bla bla in a technical place where people are asking serious questions.

    I learned from my experience and I too made a mistake by posting an article on SEO subject. The website friendly told me that I need to concentrate more on unique subjects and product reviews. Thee are plenty of SEO articles in the internet and that is absolutely true.

    So be origin and you will be successful man in techulator.

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