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    Serious mistake in reviewing Ask Expert section answers

    This is to inform webmasters/editors about two duplicate and answers in Ask Expert section. Both duplicate answers got credit and points.
    Below are the links of those two duplicate answers :
    1. Lava smartphones under 1000 Rupees- 2nd and 6th answers are same.
    2. Forme Q200 phone review - 2nd and 3rd answers are same.
    I request to recheck both answers.
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    Yes , Bro -I too noticed it just now. Even the credits for the same answer differ considerably. Request editors to kindly check the same.
    Live....and Let Live!

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    You are being very vigilant.
    What I understand is that just one response is visible to the editor and not the entire thread. It is hence difficult for editor's to check if a response is copied from another.
    I think members should conduct themselves in an ethical manner and refrain from copying responses.
    The webmaster should probably restrict offending members from posting responses in the 'Ask Expert' section. This will act as a deterrent for others.

    A love affair with knowledge will never end in heartbreak!
    Take Care

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    Muddassir Husain,
    Thanks for the alert. The duplicate answers have been deleted and the editors of the section have also been informed.


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    Thanks for the alert Muddassir Husain it will help the editors of the ask expert section and webmaster to resolve this problem. Keep posting such problem in future as well, so editors can check it and correct it easily.

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