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    Wrong answer and spelling posted


    Prashant Dalal posted wrong answer.

    Reason: The procedure of how to upgrade in the post is correct but MIUI v6 KitKat for Redmi 1S is not available officially hence upgrading to latest MIUI v6 KitKat ROM from posted procedure is not possible.

    He mentioned:

    "How to upgrade your Redmi 1S smarphone to the latest MIUI v6 KitKat using Updater app"

    "Another way to upgrade your Redmi 1S smarphone to the latest MIUI v6 KitKat"

    These both title claim to upgrade to latest MIUI v6 KitKat which is not possible.

    Note for Editor or the person who approved this post:
    I don't know how you credited 15Rs. for such post.
    Wrong answer and spelling( of Smartphone) you should do not approve such post.
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    I don't think the answer is wrong! check this url-
    Redmi 1s MIUI v6 kernels have already been provided for download. And an update will be available soon in this week. Moreover, the steps which I mentioned will work for all Redmi devices.

    Now, regarding the spelling:
    It is "smartphone" and not "Smartphone".
    Proof is given below:

    My advice - Work more and pester less!
    Thank you.

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    We will check out this issue and clarify.

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    Prashant Dalal,
    Only kernel is released not a official ROM of MIUI v6. So upgrading with your given procedure will not give the update to MIUI v6. You clearly mentioned in answer that device will get updated to KitKat. Do you understand?
    And for the spelling kindly take a look on your spelling in the answer which is "smarphone"( t is missing.)
    Might be you got it.

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    [Response removed by Admin. Read forum policies.]

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    Members are requested to be nice to each other. It costs nothing. There is really no need to refer to somebody as dumb. A discussion has been initiated in this forum thread to explain a point of view and surely some decorum can be maintained to counter that view. One can express one's views politely without being rude, mean or aggressive.


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