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    Copied answer in ask expert section. Update - please have a look again.

    Update : Please have a look on the response no. #19705 in this thread.
    This is a query for Ask Expert Editors. Kindly go to these two threads -
    Adress of Xiaomi service center in Kerala.
    Does Microsoft Lumia has OTG cable support.
    A member has answered the questions by coying previous answers.
    Please recheck both responses.
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    I do not see anything copied there except that the answers are similar to the previous answers just because it is not possible to give a completely different answer for such questions.

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    The member has little modified the previous respones. If you compare both anwers with the previous answers. Then you can understand the similarities.

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    Update :
    I want say that, on the question related to Nokia Lumia :
    Answer posted by Alok Nath pandey is, "No, Nokia Lumia 535 doesn't have the OTG feature so you can't connect any pen drive using OTG cable."
    answer posted by Aman is, "Nokia Lumia 535 does not have OTG support. So you can't connect any pen drive using OTG cable to it."
    PS : So I want know where is the difference between the two answers. Aman has just modified the previous answer posted by Alok by adding one or two more words.
    Are these types of modifications allowed in TEC ?

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    Muddasir, why are you pestering webmaster for such an issue. Have a look at his other responses. Despite being a new member, he is posting great responses to the ask expert section. We should encourage such members for more valuable content.

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    To Prashant Dalal,
    So you want to say that, a member can modify/copy-paste someone else answer because he is newbie in TEC ? According to the content posting guidelines of Techulator, "A member should not copy even a small snippet of someone else work."
    And guidelines are equal for everyone whether he is a Platinum member or a newbie.

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    Muddassir why don't you get it, the member has given response in his own words and that is not a case of copying. The response which he gave could not have any other answer except the one he gave.

    Now, tell me when you write a response, won't you gather the information from external sources and then frame the same in your own words. Now, if we take your wordings, the response given by all the members including you are simply the case of modifying the information and hence should be deleted!

    Think over it for sometime and accept what the webmaster and your senior members say.

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    I request webmaster/editor to lock this thread. I don't want to continue an aimless debate anymore.

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    This might be a case of rewriting as you are saying. However, for the OTG related question I don't think anyone can give some other answer. All somebody can do is give the same answer in their own language.

    Just because this time no action is seen warranted by the admins don't stop being a vigilant member. If you like you can avoid the Forum and send Tony or Webmaster a PM about any issues you find on TEC.

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    Its not Carlos, this whole debate is for Aman I guess.

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    I can't see how can one post any different answer to this question.Such questions need a yes or no kind of answers and as such , even 100 responses would seem to be copy pasted! Rather than pestering webmaster with such complaints over and again ( as I can see in many of the forum queries by thread stater , his tone is similar to this one ) , why can't we encourage members to contribute in good manner instead of finding faults with them? The answer to the query about service centre in Kerala cannot be different in different responses , and similarly the question about OTG support for Nokia , can the answer be any different from "No"? By this logic, no one else should answer the question once it has been answered by the first response, right? Would it be the correct way to Work in this site?
    Live....and Let Live!

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    Admin, please lock this thread.

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