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    Regarding Infolinks in-text advertising

    As you all have already seen by now that Infolinks is not a good in-text advertising platform. The only ad which pops up is the Facebook one. I mean everyone knows about Facebook and use it daily. So, what's the use of showing ads like "sign up for Facebook".

    In my opinion, Vibrant is more better than Infolinks and after reading several articles, I found that they serve keyword targeted ads and this results in more click. So, Webmasters can look for this platform and provide the members with the opportunity to earn via Vibrant media ads.

    Members what you think of it?
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    It is mostly when you simply browse through the TEC pages would you see FB ads. However, if you come through search engines then you should be able to see different ads. Also, traffic from Western countries fetches good revenue. Correct me if I am wrong but Vibrant media ads are banner ads and not in-text ads. As we are already having AdSense ads I don't think we would be able to use Vibrant media ads.

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