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    Wrong member selected for MOW award (15 - 21 dec)

    This is to notify Webmaster that the wrong member has been selected for MOW award dated 15 dec to 21 dec. Refer to the below mentioned link for top point earner from 15 dec - 21 dec.
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    When it comes to awards like MOW, highest points is not the only criteria to select an award winner. Overall contribution, quality of content, the value added by the content contributed by the member and overall participation of the member in various sections of the site etc matter.

    In this case, the person who won the award and the second person in the last has very minimal difference in the earned points. So, we considered many other aspects and decided to select the current winner. This is not a mistake but is a well thought decision based on all the criteria we consider for this award.

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    Ok..... I know that...... But I have contributed not only in resource section but you can see I got 111 points from ask expert section alone that week. It is higher than any other member. When this award was declared my 2 resources were in new submission and that's the mistake.

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    You should check this thread. MOW is given to that member who has contributed maximum in Forum and Resource section. Points earned from Ask Expert section are not included in the criteria of MOW award.

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    I think your articles were in Pending when this award was evaluated. Editors usually wait only for the articles in New Submissions to clear up before announcing the winners of any contest as they are never sure whether articles in Pending status would be edited by the author or not.

    You should make sure that you don't give editors a chance to send your articles to Pending or at least correct them soon to not let this happen again.

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    Points from all sections will be considered for the award. However, if the author is earning lot of points from forum/comments etc, such points may be ignored. The idea is to select the author who has contributed most valuable content to the site.

    In this case, Prashant had done a good job. However, Vandana also performed equally good. So, we had a tough job in selecting the winner. After evaluating several factors, we decided to select the current winner. This doesn't mean the other person has any lower importance or had posted any lower quality content. We just had to choose one person from two almost equally qualified contributors.

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    The selection of member of week depends on their contribution in particular time period. Dear Prashant Dalal , you are one of the best contributor but this period vandana has few useful content.

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