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    May we give the answers of old questions in ask expert section

    I want to ask that may we give the answers of old question to make points and cash in ask expert section.
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    We can give an answer to an old thread provided the answer is a quality one and informative, adding value to the page. Needlessly pulling up an old Ask Expert thread merely to gain a few points should not be the norm.


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    According to me you cannot give answer of old threads because those threads are locked up by the editors and Tony Sir. As they are old they are not of much use so I think it is reason that they are locked up.

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    I asked about this in the forum and I was told that we can answer old ask experts questions , provided we add some value to the info.But , beware -don't just pull old questions if you are to repeat the same answers.
    Live....and Let Live!

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