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    How can I implement ad code in Techulator?

    Hello Webmaster,

    I have an hosted adsense account approved from one of the sister sites of Techulator. I know that I can't directly link my adsense account to Techulator. I want to approve my adsense for techulator.
    I referred following link:
    I understood everything in the above link except one thing, "Before you submit the application, you must implement the ad code in one or more pages of the website you are submitting for review. It will show only blank ads until your application is reviewed and approved but they will not approve it unless you implement the ad code with blank ads".
    Now my query is, how can I implement ad unit to one or more pages in Techulator?
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    You can't get fully approved AdSense account from TEC. You need to have your own blog to implement the AdSense code and get fully approved.

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    Does that mean there is no way to link adsense account for TEC, except having a separate own blog and adsense?
    Can I submit my Techulator site to Google for adsense approval/verification as I already have an adsense hosted account?

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    Yes, you need a blog with a custom domain name owned by you. Once your adsense application is approved, you can use adsense in any other site including Techulator.

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    OK. Thanks a lot for your help.
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    TEC is not registered under your name so you won't be able to use Techulator to get your hosted account approved to the further level.

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