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    Regarding my ask expert section access

    This is my request to the webmaster to please allow me to post content in the "ask expert" section. I have been an active user of that section from the past 2 weeks. As a new member, I did some mistakes initially while posting the content but now I have understood all the rules and policy of this site.

    So, it is my humble request to please allow me access to the ask expert section as soon as possible.
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    Dear Carlos Solanki,
    You need to wait few days . Our webmaster or editors will your posted content on ask expert then they decide to grant your request .

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    Carlos, you have been barred from 'Ask Experts' section for plagiarism.

    Most of your answers were copied and compiled from other websites. Numerous examples can be cited where all you've done is changed the order of the content copied from other sites and pasted here at TEC. This is strictly against AdSense and Techulator policies. You were also given a few warnings initially but you chose to ignore it.

    You are also barred from posting in this section for taking undue advantage of answering your own questions, which was allowed by Tony in good faith. Please feel free to reply and let us know your thoughts.

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    I realized my mistake and i will not repeat that in future. I request to the
    editors and webmaster to please allow me to post content in ask expert section.

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    I think Carlos should be given access to the ask expert section. As he is a new member and has admitted his mistakes, so editors must think over the issue and give him a second chance.

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    Webmaster is requested to please go through this issue of my ask expert section access.

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