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    Permission to post answer of Ask experts

    When I open any question to answer. It displays restriction box. I know it may be due to pending answer. But I edited all pending answers. Now I want Permissions to posting responses of any question
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    Phagu Mahato, you have been barred from the 'Ask Experts' section for plagiarism.

    In a lot of your answers related to technical specifications of a particular product, we find you just copy the specifications from a particular website, re-order it a little bit and paste it here.

    You also answer people who ask for a list of products in a particular price range by pasting the filtered results of other websites like Flipkart/Amazon along with their specifications.

    Please note, Ask Experts section is for experts to answer the queries of people based on their experience and knowledge. It is not a platform to search the internet for an answer and paste without due diligence.

    While reviewing your answers, a lot of times, we had to completely rephrase your answer with our own. In the past we have rewarded you points and cash credits inspite of these issues. However, these need to stop now.

    Please feel free to let us know your thoughts.

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