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  • Category: Complaints

    Answer not awarded in Ask Expert section

    This is to inform the editors of Ask Expert section that my response to a question at has not been awarded with cash and points.
    It is my request to please have a look at this matter.
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    Recently I checked your link. It displays Points 4(Rs 4) for your second response while first is not review. I hope you will get few more case in your first reviews.

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    If the answer is in grey colour, it means that the response is still in new submission and has not yet been reviewed by an editor. Hence, you do not see any enhancement of points or any cash credits. On review by an editor, the answer will appear in black & then you are likely to see the additional points and cash credits as per the quality of the answer.


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    Oh! Thanks a lot for your valuable responses.

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    Your answer has been approved and appropriate points/cash credits have been allotted.


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