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    Can I get AdSense account from Techulator ?

    I have a question regarding Google AdSense. Can I get an AdSense account only from Techulator by posting articles etc?
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    AdSense is a Google product that lets you earn from the content you generate. Techulator is a technology website that makes use of AdSense to generate revenue for its content writers.

    You cannot get an AdSense account from Techulator. To get one, you would need to apply for it with Google. Once you get an AdSense account (non-hosted) you can then use that account for the content you write on

    Techulator will display your AdSense ads on the content you write and will give you 100% of the revenue your content earns on this site.

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    Muddassir Husain,

    Our sister site has a special partnership arrangement with Google and it allows members to apply for AdSense accounts. However, you will not be able to apply for AdSense from TEC.

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    Adsense is the best sources of earning money from ads. But it has few terms and conditions.
    Thanks @Tony Sir for informing information about Adsense in TEC

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    Muddassir Husain, for your kind information you cannot get AdSense account from techulator as Tony Sir said. You can get an AdSense account from a sister site of techulator which is It is an amazing site from which you can learn many of the things and you can earn a lot of money as well.

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    But if I get an ad sense account from ISC , can I use it here on TEC to earn revenue? Does TEC accept this hosted ad sense account?
    Live....and Let Live!

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    The AdSense account you can get through ISC will be a Hosted account, which can be used only on Hosted sites like YouTube, Blogspot etc. It will not work with TEC.

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    To Timmappa,
    You can't use hosted Adsense account in more than one site. So, you can't use hosted Adsense account TEC.
    You can read my detailed response regarding this issue here (read response no. #19823).

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    Thanks for enlightening me on the issue Tony Sir and Mudassir
    Live....and Let Live!

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