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    Which operating system do you prefer and why ?

    Which is the best operating system according to you ? Which OS do you most prefer ? Which unique feature of that operating system do you like ?

    I like Windows Xp most because of its video gaming compatibility.

    What is yours ?
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    Operating system is important part of any computer. Presently I am using Windows XP as your OS. This is because. I have experience of working on this environment. But I am deciding to change it after few months.

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    I am using Windows 8 OS. That charms menu which keeps popping up or which avoids you when you really need it is most annoying. Nevertheless, I had to have this OS since I heard about the older versions of Windows soon becoming defunct. What I do like about the Windows 8 OS, as I mentioned in this article, is its snip tool! It allows me to take quick cut-outs of smartphones' images or of a table I create in a Word doc which I can then insert in my article.

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