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    Use proper capital letters and sentence case when submitting posts

    Many of you are not using the proper sentence case and not making the correct use of a capital letter. Note this list and submit posts properly, whether in an article, an Ask Expert query or answer or a Forum response:
    Windows and not windows (you are referring to a software and not part of a house)

    Google and not google (it is a company name so requires the first letter to be in capitals)

    Microsoft and not microsoft (also a company name)

    Apple and not apple (when you are not referring to the fruit, but the company)

    Blackberry and not blackberry (it is a brand)

    Android and not android (it is an OS so the first letter should be in capitals)

    Note also these:
    install and not Install (it should be in small case and first letter should be in capitals only if at the start of a sentence)

    smartphone and not smart phone (one word, not two separate words)

    iPhone / iPad (the 'p' should always be in a capital letter when referring to Apple products)

    All these are little things, but nevertheless important. After all, ours is a technology-related site and we must get our words & names right in every way.
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    Thanks for sharing knowledgeable thread. It is too important for TSCians. We all are thankful to learn how to use proper capital. I hope next time our content may be in proper sentence.

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    Thank you so much for reminding these. I will take care for these minor errors.
    To be frank,
    Your this post made a smile on my face. I like it that you wrote like Windows and not windows, you are referring "to a software and not part of a house". And furthers are also are funny.

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    Hi Vandana,
    Thanks for raising a recurring issue with several posts submitted on Techulator. It will definitely help all to avoid such mistakes and improve proper usage of capital letters depending on the context. These little instructions will go a long way in improving the quality of posts.

    Thanks & Best Regards,
    Bhakti Savla

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