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    Which antivirus is best?

    Which antivirus is best?
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    Symantec is the best antivirus software that protects your computer. Most of the software companies and other companies are using it to protect their computer network. Every day hundreds of computer viruses are identified and antivirus software's are updated every day and patches are release almost every 15 days.

    Check the below link for how many virus is identified per day

    D.Jeya Kumar(JK)

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    Hi Panda,
    There are many antiviruses are available in market.
    For my opinion,Quick heal best and I have been using it from past 5 years. Quick heal provides better featuture to users. quick heal will not delete files, But in case of Avast it will delete the files which are infected.
    With Regards,


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    Hi Shreedhara,
    Thanks for opinion.Last two year i use quick head plus antivirus.Because they enable firewall feature.but when i use filezilla/Google earth/any online programmer many time firewall shows block reports.Thats the reason to slow my computer few time.

    How to solve this problom?

    Dreams never dye

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    Yes you are right, I too facing the same problem. Then go to Avira antivirus It is also one of the best antivirus, it will keep the computer from the virus and errors. But the disadvantage of this is it will delete the infected file.
    If you want avira antivirus tell me your E-mail ID. I will send the setup file to you.


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    Hi Shreedhara H,
    Hi i already try avira antivirus many time ago.This is good but they dont detect Trojan/win32 viruses regularly.If you have a new version that will batter so plz sand me

    Dreams never dye

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    Is is not that this Anti-virus is the best and the others is not.The main thing which is required to select the Anti-virus is what is the hardware specifications of your computer?

    As if you have a RAM of 256 MB then you should install Avira Anti-virus in to your system,If you have a RAM of 512 MB then Install the Avg or the kaspersky, If you have more than or equal to thee 1 GB it is known as High speed RAM and Anti-virus which is required is Avast, Mcafee and Quick heal.

    In case you have installed the High and complex Ani-Virus with the less configuration of you hardware then it will going to slow down the speed of your system and sometimes even lead to the removal of the files which is attached to the window files and corrupt your window then you have to re-install your window again.

    Each Anti-virus has the database of picking some particular viruses, so run that tracking software that will judge the name of the Anti-virus, from its name you can easily see in the database of the particular Anti-virus and install it after seeing its list of viruses that anti-virus is capable of deleting.

    Chirag Sachdeva

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    Hi chirag,you are right.but now i use 1GB rom,2.3Ghz intel dual core processor,160GB,windows xp survice pack 2, which is best antivirus for me.
    Dreams never dye

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    Its RAM not ROM, if you have 1GB RAM then you will have either Quick heal if your main sources of virus are external devices otherwise go for Mcafee in case you have threat of viruses from thee internet. The Norton can also work for you.

    One more thing for you Update the Anti-virus software by updating it from the internet, it will keep the list of virus definitions up to date for you.

    Chirag Sachdeva

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    Its Mcafee spelled like MCA Fee, the topic is discussed several times earlier, there are many opinion polls also. Don't waste your money on Anti virus.

    Install AVG or AVAST or if you have Firewall install Avira the best, if you cannot install any of these then you try Panda. Panda cloud anti virus is very promising. my system got corrupt recently.

    I wasn't able to install any other anti virus, but Panda was successful and it cleaned.

    I suggest you Avira if you have firewall, if you don't then goto resources security and download zone alarm firewall, Download it and install. Microsoft security essential is suggested for malware removals.

    if you dont like microsoft stuff then instal sybot search and destroy.

    All the best!

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    I am using AVG anti virus. It seems to be working nicely. Even Avast is also a nice anti virus.


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    In our Company using Norton AntiVirus 2010 ,this has some good features

    * Secures, stores and manages login and personal information
    * Automatically saves important files locally or to secured online storage
    * Maps your wireless home network
    * Free chat and phone support.
    * Monitor your home network and more safely connect to Wi-fi networks.
    * AutoFix technology will diagnose and fix common problems for you.
    * Automatically schedules scans and updates to occur while PC is idle.
    * Blocks browser exploits and protects against infected Web sites.
    * Prevents unauthorized users from changing your critical applications.
    * Monitors all processes and registry changes.

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    I wonder why people not tried other antivirus. Because they are not free. I think kaspersky is cheapest and best antivirus available in india.

    Download free mcafee 6 month subsciption from this link.
    Download Mcafee 6 month subsciption, become a fan on facebook

    Two classification of antiviruses:
    1) Free
    2) Genuine product which you buy

    If you peoples are discussing about free antivirus.
    1) Cloud antivirus, avast, avira is good.

    If you can spend approx 250 to 500 rs. You will get
    1) Kaspersky internet security
    2) K7 antivirus
    3) Bitdefender
    4) Quick heal
    5) Guardian antivirus
    6) Bitdefender

    All other are costly like
    1) Norton
    2) Mcafee
    3) NOD 32

    Even you can try other antivirus trial version
    1) Bullguard
    2) Mcafee
    3) NOD
    4) Quick heal
    5) Kaspersky


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    Norton Internet Security 2010 is the best antivirus at this time. But we should purchase it as the trial period of 15 days is not sufficient, the original purchased version is work well. Also this is a very light and installed on any pc with in 2-3 minutes. It has a special technology called SONAR technology. That means Symantec Online Removal Technology it remove any type of known and unknown virus with the help of SONAR Technology. Microsoft also recommend Norton to use with the windows when we purchase new computer or laptop then original version of windows always contains Norton. I am seeing this feature from Since Windows 98 comes with any machine including Norton.

    McAfee is another good antivirus that works very well both on client and server edition. With McAfee we should not need online internet connection to update the definition. We can download daily SuperDat from its website and run it on every computer to update the definition. This is also a good feature of McAfee.

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    I am using AVG anti virus and its very good. Its protecting my computer like a body guard from all types of virus. It scans all the files daily and warns danger sites when ever we try to browse the internet. I feeling happy with it.

    K Mohan

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    I'm using McAfee 8.5 enterprise version and it's working perfectly.It's has built in anti spam filter which is not avilable in previous version.

    For fighting spywares/adwares I recommend to install McAfee 8.5 or 8.7 enterprise with latest antivirus updates to be installed (from internet or McAfee Mirror)

    Best Regards,
    Arun M.S.

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    Emmunize is the only antivirus software on the market that I know of that will protect you from newly created viruses. All the other software out there only protects you from the known or older viruses.
    Jason Allen

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