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    Do i need a blog and running it for certain period for getting adsence account

    As in most of the articles it is written that a blog site is first necessity in getting getting google adsence account, here in techulator it is mentioned that adsence income shared in the ratio 90:10. If this is the case, then what are the procedures need to be followed?
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    Your question is indicating something different and the description indicating something else.
    Anyways you need to run your blog for almost 6 months and then apply for Adsense through it. Also, it should have valuable content in it to get the approval from Adsense.
    If you link your Adsense account with techulator, you can get 90% of the revenue from you contribution, the rest 10% goes to techulator.
    For you own blog, you will get 100% Adsense revenue.


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    It is right you need to own running blog to increase earning from adsense
    @Mehdi ,
    Can you clear my doubt it is about infolink with techulator.

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    Yes , why not! Please tell me how can I help you?


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    Thanks for your reply, i want to start writing article and post in this site, so if i am not wrong in saying that i dont need adsense account. Also please tell wheather the content should be specefic or it may be of any matter!

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    Yes, you are right. You don't need any Adsense account to post content in this website. You can get you Adsense account approved through your personal blog and then associate your Adsense with techulator.
    You can post any content related to modern technology. The categories mentioned in the article section are the topics accepted in techulator.


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