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    Can we sort the articles in Techulator by their scores?

    Is there any way or link in Techulator, through which we can sort the approved articles by the points they have scored? In my opinion, it would have been a very necessary link which would let every member know, what should be the criteria of writing articles, and the live examples would help us a lot.
    In that way, the highest scorer would also feel encouraged. Please let me know friends, if you share the idea, or if it is already there.
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    Points or cash are given not only based on quality but length too. So I don't think that sorting articles based on points is exactly going to help you. Rather what you should look for is when you get less points than what you think you deserve for an article according to the number of words in it.

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    Dear Anwesha Points and cash depends on quality not length . Our editors give rewards cash and points according to importance of content and their quality.

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    Hi Phagu, what you are saying is contradicting the words of Ankit, though he didn't deny about the quality aspect.
    But what I am saying is that, if we could sort the articles in techulator posted by everybody by their scores, we could get an idea, how an ideal article should be like.
    In this forum itself, I came across one thread, where Tony Sir has explained that one article can score maximum 250 points. And here the maximum number of words allowed for an article is 1500.
    So, what can make an article score 250 points above the word limit, is my question. And I am also curious to know what is the maximum score of articles achieved so far, and by whom.
    In my opinion, it would benefit everybody and also techulator itself, as writers would try to improve their quality of writing that way, and as a result the site would get much more traffic.
    Please let me know, your opinion.

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